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Keep In Motion Physiotherapy clinic provides Epping and the surrounding area with a high quality, professional physiotherapy service in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Welcome to Keep in Motion Physiotherapy clinic

First class physiotherapy professionals, evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

Our focus on each individual with a special level of care and consideration provides a first class physiotherapy service. We diagnose, treat, educate and help prevent many diverse conditions.

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What Our Patient Say?

Hear the feedback from some of our amazing patients after their treatment with Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic.

"Tajinder and I know each other since 2005. Tajinder is a top-notch physiotherapist and wise professional. He is talented, hard-working and holds great team spirit. He manages very good bonding with his patients. "


"Tajinder Singh has been my rehabilitation physiotherapist since I suffered a severe stroke which paralysed my left hand side [LHS] last year. His physio sessions have been enjoyable, interesting and effective as my LHS has been gathering strength and mobility with each session. Tajinder is also an expert in dry needling, a skill he uses to relax the muscle spasms in my right leg which has been working too hard to help my left leg. He has also developed an excellent exercise app. which enables me to work on and maintain my fitness at home. Tajinder is very knowledgeable and combined with his excellent "bedside manner" and friendly personality he clearly explains how his methods will help strengthen my muscles & reduce pain. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others"


"Tajinder Singh is the best physiotherapist in my world. He is kind, strong, understanding and has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the practice of physiotherapy to help me keep my body active and painless. Tajinder has been able to help me through injury and merely general body through wear and tear. He is able to predict accurately whether I should have a return visit at the appropriate time interval, say three or seven days or sometime in the future whenever I think I need his expert help. Tajinder has an exercise app which reminds me daily to stop work and repeat my special exercises that he has prescribed. His excellent interpersonal skills combined with his ability to reduce pain make each visit a pleasure"

About Us

Professional Physiotherapy in Epping

Welcome to Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic that is renowned for providing the best physiotherapy in Epping. We do not believe in dealing with the pain. On the contrary, we believe in healing the pain. We offer world class physiotherapy and we make sure that each patient gets individual attention and care. We offer high quality personalized physiotherapy plans for our clients. We evaluate your condition and develop physiotherapy programs depending on individual goals and unique requirements. We take immense pride in our team that comprises some of the most proficient physiotherapists in Epping. They are highly-skilled and are known for their expertise gained over years of professional service. You could get in touch with a reliable and competent physiotherapist based in Epping for an alleviation of pain or any other clinical condition.

Physiotherapy is actually a healing process that focuses on mobility. A competent physiotherapist Epping has been trained to assist patients in regaining mobility to the extent possible. Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic boasts of having some of the most efficient physiotherapists of Epping in their team. They are highly effective in assessing, diagnosing and treating chronic pain and disabilities. Our physiotherapists are adept and well-trained at managing neck pain, back pain, ligament issues and even knee pain. They are able to treat both acute and chronic problems effectively.

Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic believes in getting results. We are devoted to delivering the best physiotherapy at Epping and ensuring the highest standard of patient satisfaction and patient care. Our patient-centric approach to physiotherapy has helped us to come up with seamless and integrated plans. We offer professional services amidst a caring and friendly atmosphere. Our mission is to provide you with Gold Standard physiotherapy Epping that is easily accessible, delivered seamlessly and above all, conveniently located.

You could download the Exercise Connect App on your Android or iPhone so that your physio could send you some exercises to your phone directly. We are proud to have some of the best physio in Epping. They work with you to enhance and alleviate your musculoskeletal issues including sore neck and back, sports associated injuries, joint strains and muscle sprains. We equip you adequately with home exercise programs so that you could be in complete control of your condition. We offer effective physiotherapy plans for the treatment and alleviation of neurological and cardiorespiratory issues. Your orthopaedic surgical issues could be resolved with professional assistance from our team comprising of some brilliant physiotherapists Epping

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Why Us?

Come to Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic for effective and evidence-based treatment. We not only offer first class professional services, we also offer a warm and friendly ambiance. We believe in diagnosing the cause and then coming up with the most effective physio Epping treatment plans!

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