hydrotherapy Melbourne

hydrotherapy Melbourne

At Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere for individuals to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy healing in Melbourne. We offer the most effective hydrotherapy that concentrates chiefly on teamwork. It would surely be revolving around you and would be completely guided by us. We would be conducting an initial physical examination followed by face to face chat regarding Hydrotherapy Melbourne where you would have to clearly discuss your goals and issues.

You must clearly understand what your issues actually are and ways to manage the condition you are in. We would be chalking out an effective hydrotherapy program as per your unique requirements. We would be examining the painful or injured area during the initial assessment. You must come for initial hydrotherapy appointment with a spare set of clothes.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is actually a physiotherapy program using effectively the positive properties of water, chalked out by a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. The Hydrotherapy Melbourne program must help in maximizing function including physiological, physical, or even psychosocial. The treatments should be performed by trained people, typically in a heated and purpose-built pool. Receiving hydrotherapy in Melbourne is the best way of getting relief from discomfort and promoting physical well-being.

What Does It Entail?

The hydrotherapy pool is supposed to be heated and the temperature should be constant between 340& 350. You could approach the pool by using a flight of stairs having a handrail or you could access it with the help of an electric hoist if you are incapable of accessing the stairs. Hydrotherapy clients must undergo an initial evaluation that is done on land and not in the pool. The assessment is usually done by our fully trained and qualified physiotherapists who function as hydro therapists. The initial examination and discussion would be effective in determining the goals, function, and physical ability. The safety precautions meant for hydrotherapy would be highlighted during the interaction. The assessment would give you a chance to examine the pool and present your queries.

Role of a Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist is in-charge of the pool sessions and would be determining the set of appropriate exercises to be done. This could be including the use of diverse buoyancy aids. These aids could be pretty fruitful in providing either assistance or resistance to joint movements in terms of your unique objectives and aspirations. The physiotherapist would be finalizing the number of pool sessions.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

1)Initiate Rehabilitation Relatively Earlier.
2)Faster Recovery.
3) Reduces Pain Tremendously.
4) Reduces Joint Pain Drastically.
5) Cuts Down Joint Stress.
6) Boosts Range of Motion and Strength.
7) Enhances balance, as well as, Coordination.
8) Diminishes Muscle Spasms
9) Acts as a Morale Booster for the Patient

Why Hydrotherapy?

Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic would be providing the most effective hydrotherapy treatments in Melbourne that would be assisting you in achieving mobility and strength as the buoyancy of water effectively eases the pressure exerted on your joints. The distinctive properties of water would be effective in enhancing the movement of swollen or stiff joints, fortifying weak muscles, providing relaxation and ultimately alleviating pains and aches. It is, particularly, advantageous to people who are unable to rehabilitate comfortably and also those people who cannot work out effectively on land, for instance, in the case of neurological disorders. Seek expert hydrotherapy services at Keep in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic in Melbourne for impressive rehabilitation and recovery.

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